Italian Ice

Enjoy a Little Taste of Italy

Try our Italian ice if you're in the mood for something light

The Italian ice you'll find at D.I.Yogurt will take you back to summer Saturdays in the park. Bask in the refreshing coolness of this tasty treat while you hang out with friends and chill in our seating area. Italian ice has fewer calories than ice cream and is non-dairy.

Visit our shop today to try one of our Italian ice flavors.

Stay cool with an Italian ice from our store

Stay cool with an Italian ice from our store

Our vegan-friendly Italian ice selection is a great alternative to froyo. When you come with a group you can make sure that everybody gets what they want. No one has to go without a yummy dessert.

We offer Italian ices in the following flavors:

  • Cotton
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Tiger's Blood

Contact us now with any questions about our Italian ice selection. We look forward to serving you.